Michael Schaeffner

Executive Managing Director | Vienna, Austria



Michael Schaeffner is a seasoned executive with  20+ years  of comprehensive corporate management experience in marketing, sales and business development.  He has spearheaded new companies, developed strategic partnerships domestically and internationally, led restructuring initiatives, and defined markets to achieve greater market strength and profitability across Central and Eastern Europe.  His experience includes 8 years management experience with a North American company, and is fluent in both English and German.  He resides in Vienna, Austria and is currently on assignment in Bulgaria.  

  • Organizational Transformation & Governance

  • Business Development

  • Strategic & Financial Planning

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Performance Enhancement

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Operational Management 

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Anastasia Montejano pioneers change to drive enterprise success in global markets. A trusted advisor to clients in world class organizations, she has led transformation initiatives across EMEA, Asia Pacific, the Americas and the US as both an external consultant and internal leader of change. She is an Award Winning, International Bestselling Co-Author, a Training Consultant for the State of California, a featured blogger on Linked2Leadership and a member of the Woman Speakers Association.  She has delivered 700+ coaching hours to evolving and emerging leaders, and 200+ hours speaking and training on thriving through change.  Most recently she delivered a webinar to a 70,000 HR member platform. Currently Ms. Montejano is Senior Vice President of Enterprise Change Management at City National Bank in Los Angeles.
Anastasia Montejano

Senior Vice President | Los Angeles, CA

  • Enterprise Change Management

  • Enterprise Project Management Office

  • Program/Project Management

  • Governance & Strategic Planning

  • Facilitation & Project Remediation

  • Executive & Corporate Coaching

  • Global Training Deployments