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Speaking & Webinars


Your greatest opportunity as a leader is to be exactly who you are.  ​

Our mission is focused on strengthening leaders at every level to discover your unique leadership talents, maximize your potential and do work that matters to you.  Presentations can be delivered as a keynote, via webinar or onsite.

Every adventure needs a trustworthy guide.  Let's take the journey together. ​


verb  man.age  \ 'ma-nij  \

to handle or direct with a degree of skill;

to work upon or try to alter for a purpose;

to succeed in attaining one's aim.


Manage Yourself

There is only one way to lead - your way. Explore your toolbox of skills and individual style of leadership to create your mission to success.


Manage People

Learn how to successfully leverage the various strengths of the team you are working with to create a dynamic group that achieves targets together.


Manage Change

Understand how you can use the unprecedented pace of change to expand your skillset and drive results. Without change, growth is limited.


Manage Results

Develop the skill to define key performance indicators (KPIs) that help you repeatedly achieve planned and desired outcomes under the scope of continuous change.


Manage Success

Success is never given - it is conquered over and over again. Sometimes we win, and sometimes we learn.  Recognize when you are in the 'learning curve' and how it benefits you as a  leader. 

What others are saying

“We were delighted to have you.  Really good session with lots of positive comments. Looking forward to the opportunity for future presentations. ”

- Gary VanAntwerp, Vice President, Training Magazine Network
70,000 HR member platform

“Thanks so much for the great presentation!  I’ve gotten a ton of great feedback from the webinar! I hope we can work together again in the future.”
- John R. Spivey,  Silk Road, HR Solutions & Talent Management (webinar sponsor)

“I finally heard someone who really knows what they are talking about. “

- Bryon B, P.E.  Thailand

“You led a fantastic webinar and helped us to think more deeply about how to engage Associates.”  

-  Adam G, Management Consultant, Chicago



“Thanks for having us, looking forward to our next meeting”  -Steve



Great!! Thanks” -Jennifer C



“Thank for sharing your thoughts based on research & experience.” 

- Odu



“Thank you for the webinar!” -Bernadette



“Good information from a good topic” –Diane H



“Great session!!”

-M Norrell

“Thank you. Great job!!!!!!” 

-Connie T.


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